Saturday, February 13, 2010

Finished compiling Ogre 1.7.0 with C::B

I got a lot of problems. The official FreeImage makefiles had problems with static link, because i'm using one converted VS solution i missed some configurations that are addeded by Cmake while building with MinGW but not while building with VS, also i was forced to upgrade to GCC 4, but with the help of the community at the ogre forum, i successfully managed to compile OGRE 1.7 with MinGW without need of any makefiles.

You can download the files i'm using here:
Ogre Dependencies | Mirror 1
Ogre 1.7 Workspace | Mirron 1

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Compiling OGRE 1.7.0 with Code::Blocks

I alread configured Code::Blocks to compile the library dependencies needed to compile OGRE3D, now I was thinking about using Cmake to generate a project for C::B, first i found by myself that ogre cmake scrips only works if i install mingw in "C:\MinGW\", but after doing that the only thing that CMake made was some make files and one C::B project that works as a wrapper to make commands. I don't like it, in Windows I prefer to use one complete workspace project file where i can configure everthing direct in C::B.
To do that, first I generated a VC9 solution using Cmake, then used C::B to import this solution, the import is completed successfully, but I need to configure everything manually now.
Once i finish all, i will post all the files needed to compile the libraries using C::B + MinGW (without using any make commands) here.